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Mid North Coast Seals, Oil Seals, Grease Seals, O-Rings & V-Rings

Tuesday, July 03, 2012 @ 07:05

Oil Seals & Grease Seals

With their flexible lip, oil and grease seals prevent leakage or seeping of fluid and dirt. The better models of oil and grease seals are designed to swiftly adjust to the shaft speed, fluid temperature, eccentricity, and other operating conditions in diverse industries. Consider sealing orientation and direction when choosing oil and grease seals. Models with internal or rod seal, external or piston seal, axial seal, hydraulic oil seals, and symmetric seals are some of the options that you have. You can also choose from flexible lip or rotary shaft seals, which can be quite efficient in protecting a range of precision constructed, close-fitting ball, sleeve ad roller bearings, and such.

O-Rings & O-Ring Kits

Economical and multipurpose, O-rings are the most widely used seals. Their applications are varied—from aerospace and automotive to general engineering use, they act practically with any liquid or gaseous matter. They also come in different sizes and materials for varied demand. Elastomeric and Fleximold O-rings are multipurpose seals. PTFE O-rings are best for high-temperature environments, while the FEP O-rings are made for aggressive media and chemical applications.

V-Rings & V-Ring Washers

V-rings are designed to mount directly on the shaft and seals axially against the surface of housing, bearing race, and such. Efficient in retaining lubricants or excluding contaminants, V-rings can be used as primary or secondary back-up seals. They come in a range of shaft sizes for all container measurements.


Designed for worn shafts, SKF Speedi-Sleeves work without the need for disassembling the shaft or changing the seal dimensions. This new-generation model provides better sealing performance, more consistency and increased durability in sealing, and stable maintenance planning with improved system service life. Speedi-Sleeves are available for 8-inch shaft diameters, although industrial models are available.

CR Scotseal

They come in a rubber one-piece design with four sealing lips: one a spring-loaded primary sealing lip, a radial and axial dirt lip, and an outer bumper lip. They work even with no special installation tools, while maintaining rubber-to-metal contact between the seal and the surface of the hub bore.

Hydraulic Seals & Pneumatic Seals

Hydraulic seals are designed for the reciprocating motion that is common in hydraulic applications, such as cylinders. Hydraulic seals are designed for high-pressure dynamic applications such as hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic seals can have a variety of different cross sections. Hydraulic seals include shaft outer diameter or seal inner diameter, housing bore diameter or seal outer diameter, axial cross section or thickness, and radial cross section.