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Mid North Coast Adhesives, Cleaners, Lubricants & Sealants

Tuesday, July 03, 2012 @ 07:04


Anti Seize Lubicants

An anti-seize lubricant is used in preventing threaded coupling from sticking together and reducing friction to prevent corrosion, galling, and galvanic pitting. Made of a solid lubricant that is mixed with a grease or a binder, an anti-seize paste offers insulation between metal components and helps dismantle fasteners and parts easily.

Grease & Grease Guns

Used with cartridges and loose grease, SKF grease guns can be used across industries, from agricultural to industrial and construction, and even for home use.

Loctite Products

Through the Loctite range of adhesive solutions, Mid Coast Bearings can cater to a range of markets, whether industrial, agricultural, electronic, and even biomedical. Loctite can be used especially for oil leaks that occur between the lubricator thread and bearing housing.

CRC Products

CRC products range from lubricants and penetrants to cleaners. Made from technically proven formula, they are safe for use and very efficient. The CRC contact cleaner range of solutions are nonstaining cleaning solvents that evaporate rapidly, while the series of CRC lubricants and penetrants are multipurpose formula that have superior penetrating power, breaking through rust and corrosion even as they clean off scale and dirt.

Rocol (ITW) Products

Rocol is part of ITW, We produce high performance industrial lubricants, cutting fluids and line marking systems. Our ISO 21469 certification means that we can supply the food and clean industries with full confidence and you can always be sure of first class technical support.

ThreeBond Products

ThreeBond’s products are now used in a wide variety of applications. They are deployed in automobiles and other vehicles, public construction materials, building materials. Threebond hold the number one position in industrial sealants and adhesives in Japan.