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Mid North Coast Automotive, Ball Bearings, Roller Bearings & Clutch Bearings

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Ball Bearings & Roller Bearings

From sensor bearings to ready-to-use bearing units, we have everything you need for your car and truck solutions. These include car hub units, truck hub units, belt tensior units, water pump spindles, clutch release bearings, propeller shaft intermediate and support bearings, propeller shaft centring bearings, suspension bearings and free wheels.

Clutch Bearings

Our clutch bearing models come in a patented contact design that minimizes noise and vibration, are durable enough for longer use, and allow maximum speeds at maximum loads. They also feature a unique sealing system, so you can be sure that contaminants are kept out and grease stays in.

Gear Box Kits

Our gear box kits contain a comprehensive range of high-quality bearings and all the other components you will need to a complete and safe automotive repair., you can be assured that our gear box kits contain only OE-quality bearings.

Wheel Bearing Kits

Our wheel bearing kits come with all the components you will need for a complete and safe repair.

Universal Joints

Our line of universal joints comes in a range of materials and applications for passenger cars, 2WD light trucks, 4WD trucks, medium duty trucks and heavy duty trucks. Whether your automotive problem needs a standard design universal joint, a premium design universal joint, a premium alumiguard design universal joint, heavy-duty truck universal joint, or wing bearing style universal joint, Mid Coast Bearing Centre is here to help.

Timing Belt Kits

The kit includes belt and related idlers, tensioner and seals for most popular vehicle applications with timing belts.With timing belt replacement on modern vehicle applications normally having a high labour component, it makes economic sense to replace all components at the recommended belt change interval. Mid Coast Bearing Centre is here to help.