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Mid North Coast Power Transmission, Chains, Sprockets, Couplings & V-Belts

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Available in nickel, zinc, and stainless steel, chains are designed for superior performance in pre-stressing and preloading and pre-running before packaging. Most chains undergo a heavy pre-lubrication process for long life.


Sprockets are available in sizes of up to 300mm and may come in designs with hardened teeth, bored and keyed to size.


Choose from a wide variety of couplings–Flexible Tyre, Jaw, Chain, Gear, Grid, HRC, Universal, and Rigid Couplings. Bushing options are available, and these may be bored to size or piloted.

V Belts

Typically used for pumps, gearbox speed reducers and fans in the agricultural machinery and construction industries, V-belts come in wrapped and cogged raw-edge types. Wrapped V-belts are more commonly used, easier to maintain, highly efficient, easy to install, and best for dusty conditions. Cogged raw-edge V-belts have a higher power rating and can be used with smaller pulleys.

Timing Belts

Timing belts are advantageous for their precise driven speeds, which makes them perfect for precision drive applications like robots, machine tools, and car engines.


Mid Coast Bearing Centre has a wide range of pulleys for a range of requirements and designed to comply with international standards. Classical and trapezoidal inch pitch timing varieties are ISO 5294-compliant, while metric pitch series timing pulleys are designed according to DIN 7721 requirements. They undergo rigorous testing for tensile strength, hardness, and chemical composition.

Key Steel

Providing driving torque between shafts and pulleys, gear, sprocket, and coupling, key steel comes in stainless steel or cold-drawn plated steel C108. It is available in square and rectangular sizes. Dimensions for key steel are often oversized to ensure that it fits tightly in keyways for power transmission that is positive and has zero backlash.

Taper Lock Bushes

Taper lock bushes let you easily assemble and dismantle pulleys and other equipment. They require no special tools or installation to work. Available in a range of metric and imperial finished bores, taper lock bushes are designed to be tolerant to cast iron and steel. Made of high-grade, close-grain iron, they enable the shrink-on fit on uniform load, thus doing away the cost of a key.

Keyless Locking Elements

You can get hubs and shafts with high torque transmission to connect hubs and shaft. This power luck element is not bothered by vibration or torso load reversal.

Gear Boxes

Gear boxes are very important in a range of industrial applications. Along with the electrical motors, they comprise the drive train that is required in many operations. Because of their applications, they come in a range of specifications.